Watch Heidi Klum Do the 'Thriller' Dance as Michael Jackson's WerewolfKlum and crew of dancers nailed the 'Thriller' dance with a cast of zombies.
Are You REALLY Gonna Eat All That Halloween Candy? Why Not Donate It?That Halloween sugar rush is fun and delicious and then there's crash and regret. When you finally get there, here are great ways your candy can help others.
Justin Timberlake & Jessica Biel Go 'Toy Story' for HalloweenMusicians across genres took to social media to share off their Halloween costumes.
Black Licorice Can KILL YOU... No, SeriouslyIf while reading this you're currently digging in your kids' Halloween stash looking for some non-red Twizzlers, you might want to... well, not do that. ~Mike Adam
Would You Want To Know If Someone Died In Your House?Karen & Jeffrey found out a really simple way to find out if someone died in your house. There's a website for that...
Ever Wanted To Trick-Or-Treat at a Celebrity's Home? Karen & Jeffrey Have A Hack For You!Karen & Jeffrey shared the ultimate Halloween hack on how to go trick-or-treating at actual celebrities homes in New Jersey.
Jennifer Lopez Urges Kids to Be Heroes and Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF"When you trick-or-treat UNICEF U.S.A, you get to be a hero no matter what your costume is."
Halloween Light Show Gets Synced To Portugal. The Man's "Feel It Still"Over 16K lights were used in creating this magnificent holiday display!
The Creepiest Places To Visit In New Jersey This HalloweenHalloween is right around the corner so Karen & Jeffrey found a list of the creepiest places to visit in New Jersey.
DIY 'Milk And Cookies' Halloween Costume (For Disgustingly Adorable Couples)Halloween has a special meaning to me and my wife because that's the day I popped the question! I was disguised as a trick-or-treater...
Watch the Trailer for 'Michael Jackson's Halloween'The animated adventure features the voices of voices of Jim Parsons, Christine Baranski, Alan Cumming and Lucy Liu.
Carson and Cane’s Couple’s Court: 'Zombie Bride Make Out Mistake'Taylor and her boyfriend Johnny went to a Halloween party this past weekend. Taylor dressed up as a zombie bride and so did the random girl Johnny made out with at the party!

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