Black Licorice Can KILL YOU... No, SeriouslyIf while reading this you're currently digging in your kids' Halloween stash looking for some non-red Twizzlers, you might want to... well, not do that. ~Mike Adam
Apples That NEVER Turn Brown Are Here!One thing we could all agree on is that once you've sliced the apple up, those slices seem to turn brown within seconds. The shelf life is pretty much sliced in half (pun intended).
Weird Celebrity Foods With Karen and JeffreyIf you've ever met someone famous and they happened to smell like hot dogs and Red Bull - it wasn't your imagination!
You Won't Believe How Fast This Beauty Queen Eats 20 McDonald's CheeseburgersWe have all eaten a McDonald’s cheeseburger but I doubt any of us have tried to eat 20 in one sitting. Let alone in 16 minutes, 11 seconds.
OMFG: Taco Bell Has Just Made Our Dreams Come True With Their New TacoBut Taco Bell is now working on what is quite possibly the most American thing ever: A taco in a shell of FRIED CHICKEN.
Lady Gaga Threatens Legal Action Over Breast Milk Ice CreamJust in case you were curious, Lady Gaga does not endorse the breast milk ice cream called “Baby Gaga.”
Praise The Man Who Figured Out How To Get 86% MORE Chipotle... FOR FREE!These tips are too perfect, and if you do it smart you might to be able to squeeze two meals out of one Chipolte burrito!
To Drink Like Jay Z Will May Just Drive You BrokeLet's be honest: we all aspire in *some* way to live like Jay Z - at least I do! ~Ghia
The Simpsons' Famous Duff Beer Is Coming To a Quik-E-Mart Near YouHomer's alcoholic beverage of choice is about to make it's debut in stores, although you may have to take a trip to pick up a sixer.
Famed Chef Creates ‘Chocolate Chip Cookie Milk Shots’PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – A famous New York pastry chef has a new creation that could take the milk and cookie industry by storm.
NYC Restaurant Week: A Good Excuse For People On A Budget To Eat Great FoodNearly 300 restaurants in the city (including Park Slope) have set menus for lunch, dinner, or both. Lunch menus are set at $25 and dinner are roughly $38.
Drink Train’s New Wine, Help Raise Money For The KidsThe band’s newest wine is a classic California Merlot filled with dark chocolate and black cherry flavors.

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