New Study Shows Humans Love Dogs More Than PeopleSeriously!? They had to do a study for that? ~Mike Adam
Watch Liam Payne Cuddle with PuppiesIn the video, Payne answers questions about his upcoming album, all while having a blast with a few new furry friends.
Your Dog Loves This MusicA new study by the Scottish SPCA sheds light on canine musical preference.
Say Hello To Quasi Modo, the World's Ugliest DogThis year's winner is a 10-year-old whose name is Quasi Modo... and yes, she got that name because of her hunched-back.
Can't Decide What to Dress Your Pooch for Halloween? Help is Here!!In my neighborhood everyone dresses their pets up for Halloween. The West Village is a big dog neighborhood and I wanted to dress my Black Labs up this year.
The 10 Best Dog Costumes on PinterestIt’s Halloween and your dog needs a costume. Maybe it should be Katy Perry or Harry Potter or a Smurf?
Devo Gets Political With Song About Mitt Romney's DogMitt Romney has been hard-pressed to live down a now-infamous road trip to Canada in 1983, in which he strapped his dog Seamus to the roof of his station wagon in a kennel for what he thought was a suitable transportation method for 12 hours. But eccentric new-wavers Devo, like the political left, are not letting the Republican presidential candidate forget about the debacle any time soon.
Why My Dogs Are Better Than a Man....
You Could Have Something in Your Cabinet Right Now That Is Making Your Dog Sick!!
Have You Had a Brush With Fame? Thanks To My Pups, I Have!
The Lady With 700 Cats: Watch This Weekend On Nat Geo!
Does Your Dog Talk to You?

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