What Moment Does Everyone Hate on Their First Day of School or Work? Awkward Icebreakers!This morning, Karen and Jeffrey did their own awkward icebreakers!
Back To School 2016: Best Mobile Apps For Big SavingsIt’s almost time for the kids to head back to school, and that means there’s a lot of shopping to be done. And back-to-school shopping can definitely add up.
Jim & Kim's Fifth Grade Pop Quiz!This morning we graduated to 5th grade and Jim's niece, Traci, who teaches at Burner Middle School in Massapequa, was the quizmaster. Let's see how well you do on today's test...
How Much Do You Remember from the 4th Grade?
Finish This Sentence: When I Was in School, I Was Always the Kid Who...It turns out that my wife was known as "the girl that always threw up" in school. We found out when we attended her high school reunion that's how everyone remembered her. So it got us to thinking this morning...
Listen To Our Back To School PlaylistAs much as we hate to admit it the summer is rapidly coming to a close. Whether your kids are heading back to school or cross country for college here's a list of ten tracks that will help you through that summer denial. And maybe feel like a kid again yourself.
Back To School: Five Degrees That Are In Demand
Get Real Fashion: Five Cozy Back To School Looks For Fall
Best Songs About School For Back To School Week!
WAKE UP! Time For School, Junior!
Back To School: Confessions of a School Lunch Lady
Jim & Kim: Kim's Nephew Brendan Goes Back To School

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