Huh?: iPhone App Secretly Stares At Your BoobsThis morning, Jeffrey scared the hell out of Karen & Producer T when he told them that their iPhone's have been secretly staring at their boobs!
Finally A Dating App For BACON Lovers Called 'Sizzl'
GROSS New App Connects You with People On The Toilet?!?The app is appropriately called “Pooductive” and can be found in the app store.
Meet The Man So Good In Bed, He Gets 'Thank You' TextsYou hear it in locker rooms and around poker tables all over the country; men touting their skills between the sheets but few, I’m sure, get ‘thank you’ texts afterwards.
Green Day Transformed Into Spiky-Haired Pigs For New 'Angry Birds' GameGreen Day teams with the best-selling app of all time: Angry Birds. We can't wait to aim our birds at the three new spiky-haired pigs.
What Is Justin Bieber Doing With All His Money?
A Guide To Facebook's New Changes: Timeline, Ticker & Social Apps

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