Watch Drake Duet With Brian McKnight, Sing 'Let It Go' & Blow in Lance Stephenson's Ear at ESPYsIf you thought the craziest thing Drake would do during his first time hosting the ESPYs was appear in a comedy sketch with supposed nemesis Chris Brown, you were wrong. Very wrong.
Brian McKnight On New Album And Justin Timberlake: "He Knows His Power"The same day Justin Timberlake's flashy falsetto shattered expectations with The 20/20 Experience, Brian McKnight quietly released the soul sounds of his latest studio album, More Than Words. While the light shines bright on Timberlake's 20/20 (sold 968,000 in one week), McKnight's classic R&B set sold 7,000 on the indy E-One Entertainment.
10 Romantic Albums To Help You Celebrate Valentine’s DayIt’s Valentine’s Day and you’re in the mood for love. But what album should you put on during your romantic meal? With so many choices out there, we’ve narrowed it down to ten albums that will definitely help start the night right.
Brian McKnight's "Songs-To-Get-Your-Groove-On" For Valentine's DayBrian McKnight often lifts his voice to sing songs of love, yearning and heartache. But for Valentine's day, he offered a playlist of songs that he listens to when his piano stops playing and love is in the air.
Brian McKnight Plays His X-Rated Music For His MomThe singer admits her church friends were none too pleased with “If Ur Ready To Learn.”
Colbie Caillat Teams Up With Brian McKnight For New SongThe singer helped write the title track of McKnight’s upcoming album. G-rated of course.
Brian McKnight Vows To Never Perform X-Rated Song In PublicSeveral months after its release, Brian McKnight is still feeling the heat over his sexually-explicit song, "If Ur Ready to Learn." The singer performed at a Baltimore festival on Friday (July 23) but he first had to answer to critics who questioned his involvement in the family-friendly event.
Chris Brown And Brian McKnight Twitter Battle
Brian McKnight Disputes Controversial Song Tutorial: "Is It Really X-Rated?"
Brian McKnight Blames Boredom For Raunchy Lyrics: "I Have Nothing Else To Do"
Brian McKnight's "Adult" Tutorial Trends On Twitter: "It's About Satisfying All Women"
Brian McKnight Records Tribute To Caylee Anthony "She's Going Places"

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