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Karen & Jeffrey Play ‘Prison Price Is Right: Anthony Weiner Edition’

In honor of Anthony Weiner starting his 21-month-sentence in prison, Karen & Jeffrey played a game of “Prison Price Is Right” to help Weiner budget his money for commissary.


Intern Anthony Reveals the Best & Worst Things About The iPhone X

The iPhone X came out on Friday and, of course, our very own Intern Anthony was first in line to get his!


Three Simple Hacks To Get People To Like You More

One study found that people like people less when they hold something cold like an iced coffee and more when they hold something warm.


Huh?: iPhone App Secretly Stares At Your Boobs

This morning, Jeffrey scared the hell out of Karen & Producer T when he told them that their iPhone’s have been secretly staring at their boobs!


Why Did A-Rod Text J.Lo from the Bathroom During Their First Date?

This morning, Karen & Jeffrey talked about A-Rod’s bathroom text and Intern Anthony revealed his own signature dating hack.


Would You Want To Know If Someone Died In Your House?

Karen & Jeffrey found out a really simple way to find out if someone died in your house. There’s a website for that…


Karen & Intern Anthony Are Seeing Things After Watching ‘Stranger Things’

Karen & Intern Anthony started binge-watching this weekend and they both have had something very strange happen as a result: They’ve been hallucinating!


Ever Wanted To Trick-Or-Treat at a Celebrity’s Home? Karen & Jeffrey Have A Hack For You!

Karen & Jeffrey shared the ultimate Halloween hack on how to go trick-or-treating at actual celebrities homes in New Jersey.


Niall Horan Reveals Story Behind The Girl ‘Mirrors’ Is About

The former One Directioner says he’s feeling good about his debut solo release and also revealed the girl his song “Mirrors” is based on.


New York State Officially Bans Vaping In Public Indoor Spaces. Is This a Good Idea?

Jeffrey thinks the ban is a good idea and says that when he sees kids with their vapes, it makes him feel old.


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