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Jeffrey Reveals The Strange Thing He Used To Do For Fun As A Kid

What is something that you thought was normal growing up but later found out was strange?

3 hours ago

Intern Anthony Used To Eat Lunch In The Teacher’s Lounge

Intern Anthony revealed that when he was a kid, he used to have to store his homemade Italian lunches in the teacher’s lounge so that it wouldn’t spoil!


Karen Reveals The One Thing She Thought Was Normal Growing Up

What is something that you thought was normal growing up but later found out was strange?


Karen & Jeffrey Play ‘Is It A Kardashian Or A Puppy?’

In honor of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West welcoming their new baby girl, Intern Anthony came up with a game called “Is It A Kardashian Or A Puppy?’


Epic Work Fails: What Have You Screwed Up At Work?

This morning, Karen & Jeffrey talked about the epic fail that happened on Saturday when an employee at the Emergency Operations Center in Hawaii hit the wrong button. Instead of hitting “test missile” he hit “missile alert!”


Jeffrey Recently Returned His… Spray Tan?

This morning, Karen & Jeffrey talked about a woman who recently returned her broke down Christmas tree to Costco, ten days after the new year because the Christmas it was “dead” and Costco actually gave her a full refund.


Tonya Harding Threatens To End Piers Morgan Interview

Tonya almost walked out of an interview with Piers after he told her she was playing the victim and that Nancy Kerrigan was the real victim.


Karen HATES When She Says Thank You And Someone Responds ‘Uh Huh.’

There’s one thing that Karen really really can’t stand..and it’s when she tells someone “thank you” and instead of them responding “you’re welcome” they respond “uh huh!”


Karen & Jeffrey’s Cold Weather Struggle: Awkward Clothing!

This morning, Karen & Jeffrey revealed the struggle that we are all dealing with in this freezing weather: awkward clothes!


Is Meghan Markle Working On A Bio-Botox Line With Victoria Beckham?

Although Meghan Markle had to give up her career in order to be a royal, she apparently is allowed to have a side hustle.


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