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Who Do YOU Want To See at Fresh’s ‘Up Close & Personal?’

Who would you love to see in our Live 345 Theater next? Let’s make a dream list of artists and maybe we’ll make it happen.


Inspired by Waitress the Musical, New Music Is on the Way From Jason Mraz

I’m on board with this trend of Fresh artists stepping onto the Broadway stage but was wondering what that means for new music. ~Xtine


Sara Bareilles to Join Jason Mraz on Broadway for ‘Waitress’

The pop stars will share the stage for two weeks in January.


#OnTheList: Best AMAs Performances of 2017

My perfect night is watching a few hours of performances on a music awards show. Usually, there are one or two standouts but the AMA’s had a bunch last night. Here were my favorites.


Are You REALLY Gonna Eat All That Halloween Candy? Why Not Donate It?

That Halloween sugar rush is fun and delicious and then there’s crash and regret. When you finally get there, here are great ways your candy can help others.


#OnTheList: Why Unrequited Love Sucks… 6 Songs to Count the Ways

What do you do with your feelings for someone when they don’t feel the same? I don’t know, stalk their Instagram and cry while shoveling a pint of ice cream into your face?


#OnTheList: 10 Songs of Hope in Dark Times

I usually love songs that rip my heart out, I mean who doesn’t love a good cry every now and then? Lately though, the news has been so horrific that I find myself gravitating towards more hopeful songs. ~Xtine


It’s Never Too Late To Become A Fan: Remembering Tom Petty’s Best Tracks

Even though an artist may be silenced, their music lives on. It’s never too late to become a fan. ~Xtine


On the List: 5 Songs That Will Have You Feeling Yourself

I know at times it’s easier to fit in than be yourself. When you’re feeling that way turn up these songs and take the words to heart because YOU ARE AMAZING!


Xtine Richie’s Favorite Moments from Fresh Fall Fest 2017

The shared energy with the crowd, the connection with the artist, hearing your favorite song live finally! This show had it all — and here are a few of my favorite moments…



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