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During Fall Out Boy‘s ‘Up Close & Personal’ visit to Fresh 102.7, Patrick Stump, Pete Wentz, Andy Hurley, and Joe Trohman discussed the pressures the band felt when writing and recording their latest album, what caused the delays in its release, and their somewhat overachieving songwriting process with evening host Cane.

fall out boy 2017 credit pamela littky When It Comes To Songwriting, Fall Out Boy Tend To Do What Beyonce Does

Photo: Pamela Littky

Fall Out Boy released their seventh studio album M A N I A on Friday, January 19th. Originally slated for release months prior in 2017, and with a set of singles already in the public sphere, singer Patrick Stump admits the band simply felt all of the songs were just not ready to release as they were.

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“The songs that you had already heard we were really happy with them, we really liked those songs, you know. We were really rushing the rest of it and I was like, ‘that’s not the way you make a record.'”

Speaking on the pressures of releasing an album on a major label, Patrick admits that timing is always an issue.

fobmeet 043 When It Comes To Songwriting, Fall Out Boy Tend To Do What Beyonce Does

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“There’s a deadline,” he explains, “and it’s so silly too because this is the date and that means then that the mastering date is this date, while the studio is only available for this date so then the mixer has to be there for this date… So you’re looking at all these deadlines and I was literally writing parts of songs to make the mix date.

“That’s a dumb way to make music, I think.”

Patrick also explains that, as the band’s principal songwriter, he writes markedly more songs than would fit onto a record, but that doesn’t mean anything was scrapped for the new release. He says the band “just kind of finished stuff.”

Through a fit of laughter, Patrick remembers listening back to some old songs he had written for past albums and thinking, “a lot of them are not good. So that was the thing… you’d write 80 songs for a record and maybe you pick 12.”

“That’s what Beyoncé does,” jokes bassist Pete Wentz. “So we do what Beyoncé does. She said 80? We gotta f****** write 80 songs, guys!”

“This time around,” Patrick says he feels the band knows better how to communicate with each other now.

“If anything, that was the thing — that we weren’t arguing enough. I know I say that and it sounds like a joke but I mean it’s kind of a problem when you’re at a certain point and you’re like ‘yeah sure, it’s fine.”

“You should never be making anything for the world to hear where you’re like, ‘yeah, you know, it’s fine.'”

Fall Out Boy’s M A N I A is out now. Check out more on the album from right HERE and watch the band’s exclusive #3Words interview HERE!

-Joe Cingrana/Fresh 102.7



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