By Mike Adam

Seriously!? They had to do a study for that? I could have just told this UK medical research charity that conducted the experiment what the results would be and saved them all that research money.

They staged two phony donation campaigns… one for a dog and one for a human. And guess which one brought in more money? Yup, the dogs. Now according to a Northeastern University study, the only thing that could give pups a run for their money is human babies (and not gonna lie, I bet even then the dogs would win).

When your 🐶 feels your pain.

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For this experiment, people were shown fake newspaper stories about a baseball bat attack on a puppy, a full-grown dog, and then a baby, and a full-grown baby human… otherwise known as an adult (LOL, no idea why I wrote that that way).

Human adults finished LAST on the ‘compassion meter.’

So what have we learned from this research? You definitely love your dog more than your spouse, but you might love your fur baby just as much as your real, blood-related baby.

Puts things in perspective.

Mike Adam/Fresh 102.7


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