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By Mike Adam

EXO has been seeing success in the pop world since their inception really, but in the past year or so, the US has really started to take notice. Earlier this year EXO’s “EXO’rDIUM Tour” hit two cities in the United States… Newark and Los Angeles, and BOTH stops went extremely well.

Their latest album, “The War”, recently had a repackaged edition titled “The War: The Power of Music” drop on September 5th. This is a trend that EXO has been doing since day one… release a project, then not long after, do a re-release. You might scratch your head about WHY the boys do this, but I promise you, it’s actually a brilliant business move.

A re-release increases both sales and awareness of the project. By doing a special edition, it gets the buzz out there again… especially if there’s a new, exclusive single attached to the re-release. And as long as all the songs on the original release remain on the re-release, the sales on the new edition go towards the overall project. So if one sells 500k, and the other sells 500k, that album would be eligible for platinum certification.

Regardless if album sales are good or bad, a re-release can only help. If sales are terrible the first go-round, a re-release (with a few new, good additional tracks added) can have a totally different turn out for the artist or group.

Click below and watch my latest POP-A-Squat episode… it’s all about EXO, and the method behind their madness. I think they stumbled on this ‘re-release discovery’ by accident actually, then once they realized how impactful it was, they made it a regular thing.

Mike Adam/Fresh 102.7


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