By Mike Adam

So, my wife and I are Halloween fanatics. We really just love October and autumn altogether. There are so many activities to do outdoors, the weather is perfect, and in the northeast, the visuals are breathtaking. Halloween specifically also has a special meaning to my wife and I, because that’s the day I popped the question! I was disguised as a trick-or-treater, in a ring box that I had a local theater create for me, and got down on one knee.

Aside from pumpkin carving, we also enjoy making our own costumes. A few years back we were loofahs, last year we were cereal bowls, and this year… MILK AND COOKIES!

Making the costume was actually easier than you’d think. We knocked out ours in a day. All you really need is a couple of cardboard boxes, some felt, spray paint, and glue. Oh, and some kind of tubing for the straw that goes into the top of the milk. For my milk carton, I took a box, cut out a hole for my face, then spray painted the whole thing white. I used almost 3 cans of spray paint… but I’m also crazy and need things to be perfect, so I probably put like 4 more coats on it then necessary. After that completely dried, I glued on the ‘milk’ letters that I cut out from red felt. For the top of the milk carton, to get that triangle peak you have to extend the flaps. I recommend just using more cardboard and cutting out flaps that are almost the same dimensions… just slightly longer so they touch when you make that little pyramid at the top of the milk carton. For the straw I used a piece of construction paper, then just wrapped red ribbon around it.

Milk: “I expire November 1st.” Cookie: “Spoiler alert”. 🥛🍪

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For Sarah, my wife’s cookie costume, it was much easier. You cut out two cardboard circles, then do the same for two pieces of lighter brown felt. Glue those onto the cardboard, then get to cutting out the chocolate chips. Just use darker brown felt for that, and then glue them on as well. We used a staple gun to attach the white ribbon to the cookies… those served as the straps Sarah used to wear the costume.

Can’t wait to see what YOU are gonna be for Halloween. Make sure you tweet me, or hit me up on Instagram… trust me, I spend WAY too much time scrolling through pics under that ‘DIYhalloweencostume’ hashtag.

Mike Adam/Fresh 102.7


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