By Mike Adam

Apples are great, right? Good with peanut butter on them, in a salad, or just as is. BUT, one thing we could all agree on is that once you’ve sliced the apple up, those slices seem to turn brown within seconds. The shelf life is pretty much sliced in half (pun intended).

Well, the ‘Arctic Apple’ is putting an end to all that mess. They’ve figured out how to press pause on the enzyme that makes apples turn brown. On, it states that the apple isn’t tampered with… all the nutritional benefits stay in tack, and in their words, “They just have the added benefit of better retaining their fresh natural color and flavor when they are bitten, bruised or sliced.”

So I mean if nothing is being pumped into these suckers that’s bad for you, then this is pretty brilliant, right? Not gonna lie… sometimes I’ll buy a bunch of huge apples and can only kill have of one. I throw the other half in the fridge, come back to grab it tomorrow, and BOOM… brown! The worst. I’ll be one of the first people in line to scoop up some of these Arctic Apples when they hit grocery stores next month!

Mike Adam/Fresh 102.7


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