By Mike Adam

Remember when your parents used to tell you not to sit so close to the TV because you’ll go blind? Well, it looks like that might not have TOTALLY been a lie (but eating carrots to IMPROVE your sight definitely was, sorry, you were duped with that one).

Wu Xiaojing (a fake name used to hide her identity) is a 21-year-old woman from northwest China. And the next time your significant other claims you’re ‘addicted to your phone’, share the story of Wu with them.

Wu went BLIND in one eye after playing a game on her phone for approximately 24 hours. She claims the games are her only hobby, and dedicates ALL of her free time to playing them. According to the NY Post, it seems as though when the blindness occurred, Wu was currently unemployed. So she would play, literally, from dusk until dawn.

So how did the loss of sight specifically happen? And what specifically caused it? WELL, she got into this intense gaming marathon, and when sight from one of her eyes completely blacked out (after ‘dimming’ for quite some time), she figured it was time to hit up the hospital. Doctors diagnosed her with retinal artery occlusion… which is directly associated with her obsessive game playing.

Unfortunately, her regaining her full sight back may or may not happen. Usually, only 20 to 35 percent of people suffering from retinal artery occlusion lose ALL of their sight… Wu is one of those unlucky few, and once the vision is gone, it almost never comes back.

Mike Adam/Fresh 102.7


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