By Mike Adam

Seeing this story made me think… what show or movie am I so intrigued by, that I would be inclined to transform my home into a replica of? Batman. Absolutely. If my wife wouldn’t leave me for doing it, I would totally turn our entire house into the bat cave.

Richey and Karen Morgan had, what some may call, an unhealthy obsession with a certain iconic female character and her seven friends. And after 25 years of meticulous work, they crafted a home in Olalla, Washington that looks like it’s straight out of a fairytale storybook… Snow White to be specific.

The Morgan’s no longer own the home, in 2005 they sold it to Evonne Bess for $345,000. And now Evonne has it on the market. Initially, she was asking for a whopping $925,000. In August, the asking price dropped down to $775,000. The broker, Rick Ellis, knows what the problem is, stating in a recent interview, “People want to see it, but they don’t want to own it.”

If the house doesn’t sell, Evonne has started to look at other options, like using the unique home as a bed-and-breakfast (which I think would be a hit). When Evonne first acquired the home, she picked up where the Morgans left off. She added all the modern conveniences the home needed… a dishwasher, a hot tub, and more. Yes, people may not want to BUY this place, but to stay there for a weekend getaway? Totally.

Read more about ‘Snow White’s Cottage’ here.

And SEE more of it here!

Mike Adam/Fresh 102.7


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