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By Mike Adam

Bro… you had ONE job. Smh. I know the nerves must have been going, but c’mon, you dropped the ball… LITERALLY! Well, literally if the saying was ‘dropped the ring.’ Whatever. You understand the joke I was trying to make there.

What’s crazy to me is how calm they both seem about this. Maybe they’re just in shock or whatever, but I know my ass would have immediately been in that pond trying to scoop out that ring. Like even a CHEAP engagement ring isn’t cheap.

And like, where do they go from there? Does the dude have to buy her ANOTHER ring!? I imagine he would, ’cause you’re getting married… you need rings! But who’s got the money for that? I’d be like, “Hun, so here’s the deal… no Xmas present for you for the next 5 years, then BANG… you’ll have a new engagement ring before you know it.” I’m sure she’d totally go for that, right?

Anyways, watch, weep, and PRAY nothing like this ever happens to you!


Mike Adam/Fresh 102.7


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