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Deb Gordon’s guest was Elise Bates, President and co-founder of End Allergies Together (E.A.T.), a 501c3 non-profit that funds research to help solve the growing food allergy epidemic.

E.A.T. was started in 2015  after Ms. Bates’ daughter, who was diagnosed with food allergies, experienced a severe allergic reaction at a restaurant.

“When that happens it really takes you back, you say ‘how can a trace of food make my daughter one minute completely fine, and then turn her into a situation where her body is completely shutting down…has to go to the emergency room or else, we’re in a real life-threatening situation,” said Bates.

“So many people are affected,” Bates continued. “4 to 8 percent of the population in the US – about 15-17 million people, one in 12 children are now diagnosed.”

The organization is trying to curb the growing number of people with food allergies by not only funding research, but also educating the community about the issue.

E.A.T. recently launched a new PSA campaign featuring James Beard award winning chef Ming Tsai that shows the life-threatening dangers those with food allergies face.

The PSA, “Could You EAT?” created by BBDO, is currently being screened in movie theaters nationwide, and will expand through social media in the coming months.

“The PSA is dedicated to Oakley Debbs, an 11 year old boy who lost his life in November 2016…we feel like this is a very important time to ignite real change for food allergies…let’s start funding real solutions for these children, because there are too many people dying now.”

In just two years, E.A.T. has raised 1.4 million dollars and funded five promising research studies.  100 % of net proceeds goes directly towards the effort.

For more information about E.A.T., food allergies, and how to get involved, visit .  You can also donate by texting “CURE” to 80777.

Watch the PSA here:


–Deb Gordon/WNEW



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