#OnTheList with Xtine: 6 Songs For Loving, Appreciating, and Missing Mom

#OnTheList with Xtine is a weekly feature from Fresh 102.7’s Christine Richie that will be highlighting all things music, from her favorite emerging artists, top female vocalists, and much, much more!


Confession time: I never really knew how much work it took to be a mom until my friends started having kids. I was flabbergasted. It made me think back to all my mom did for us; the shopping, cooking, cleaning, laundry, driving us everywhere, and dealing with me and my brother making everything that much more difficult. She had zero time for herself and still said she would give her life for mine. How did I repay her? By being a completely selfish, obnoxious teen who would roll my eyes, give her attitude, and expect to have everything handed to me. I can’t tell you how much I regret that. I would give everything to have one more day with her to just to say thank you, I appreciated all you did for me, I love you, and I hope you’re proud of me.

I can’t tell you how much it pains me when I see a kid mistreating their mom. Yes, this is going to be another motherless child telling you to appreciate your mom while she’s here and not to take her for granted. If you can’t manage to do it all the time, just do it on Mother’s Day. Give your mom a hug for me, tell her how much she means to you, and most of all say thank you. If it’s easier, do it with a song. Here are some celebrating moms, their bond with their kids, and some sad ones just in case you’re not going to have such a great May 14th.


For The Special Bond Between Mother & Child


Adele “Sweetest Devotion”

This is hopefully how your mom felt after she had you. You may need this one to remind her in case you’ve been a pain lately. Adele‘s son Angelo was the inspiration here. It’s about all you feel when a child comes into your life and changes everything.


Jennifer Nettles “This Angel”

Another one inspired by a child. Adele’s song is more upbeat and about a love you’ve never felt before coming over you. This song is more about longing for answers and finding hope in your baby. It’s a beautiful song elevated by Nettles‘ gorgeous vocals.


Thank Yous to Mom


Tori Kelly “Always Love Me (Mother’s Day Song)”

This is all about the unconditional love of a mother. Knowing that home is always a safe place for you to land. Letting your mom know that she gave you the best example of how to love.


Leona Lewis “Thank You”

Hopefully when you get older, you realize all you put your parents through; the worry and aggravation. We can be especially brutal as teenagers. This is a thank you to parents who never faltered with their love and support, courtesy of Leona Lewis.


For Moms No Longer With Us


Kanye West “Only One”

This is probably the first and last time Kanye will be on one of my lists. He gets on my nerves, but I relate to this song. I have absolutely nothing in common with him except the pain of losing a mother. It’s sung from his mom’s perspective and if you’ve lost yours, it’s exactly what you want to hear. She’s watching over you and may have had a hand in bringing people into your life to help you heal and love again. I’m a cynic and don’t believe that actually happens but it’s nice concept for a song.


Ingrid Michaelson “I Remember Her”

Two words: gut wrenching! Only listen to this if you’re missing your mom while everyone else is celebrating and you need a good cry.

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