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This year’s Tribeca Film Festival featured a variety of films with females at the helm and these are five of the best:

Bombshell:  The Hedy Lamarr Story – Written and directed by Alexandra Dean and executive produced by Susan Sarandon, this fascinating documentary about 1940’s actress Hedy Lamarr, who was so famous for her looks the characters of Snow White and Cat Woman were fashioned in her image, delves into how her physical attributes and showbiz lifestyle overshadowed her scientific contributions and legacy as the inventor of technologies we use today.

“She was actually one of the most misunderstood figures of the last century… at night Hedy Lamarr was inventing a secret communications system to help the allies beat the Nazi’s during WWII and that system is used in our Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, cell phones and GPS today,” said Dean.

Bombshell takes viewers on an entertaining ride through history via images and interviews with friends and family and will be seen on American Masters in the coming months.  Learn more at

Listen to Alexandra Dean discuss Bombshell: The Hedy Lamarr Story

dtbd jett joan FM Magazine: Five Fresh Films From Female Directors at Tribeca Film Festival

Photo: Greg Daniels

Dare To Be Different – Directed by Ellen Goldfarb, this doc tells the story of WLIR FM, Long Island’s new music/modern rock station renowned for jumpstarting the careers of major singers and bands including U2, Billy Idol, Duran Duran, and Joan Jett.  Many of the artists appear in the film and discuss the impact of the station not only on those whose songs they played first, but also on the staff and the loyal listeners – many of whom came out to the Tribeca Film Fest premiere to show support, meet & greet the programmers and DJ’s, and also listen to A Flock of Seagulls perform their hits.

“I think we all can dare to be different,” said Goldfarb.  “I think if you set your heart to something… and dare to be different, you can achieve anything…just like the team at LIR that took that risk…look what they did – they made history.”

“This film has some of the best music, especially if you love 80’s music, but one special thing we have in the film is the brand new song by Joan Jett, which she actually wrote for the movie called, ‘Dare To Be Different’, and it’s such a great song…we’re really, really excited about that.”

Listen to Ellen Goldfarb discuss Dare To Be Different.

heart1 FM Magazine: Five Fresh Films From Female Directors at Tribeca Film Festival

Susan Froemke, Dr. Fuster and Bob Harper at Resilient Heart Premiere courtesy of Resilient Heart

The Resilient Heart – This feature documentary by Oscar-nominated director Susan Froemke follows Mount Sinai Hospital cardiologist Dr. Valentin Fuster on his quest to educate the world about heart disease and how simple lifestyle changes can positively impact the heart and overall health.

Celebrity trainer and TV host Bob Harper, who recently suffered a heart attack at the age of 51, hosted the Tribeca premiere to help garner awareness about this important subject.

“Every year, over 17 million people worldwide die from heart disease,” explained Dr. Fuster. “By 2030 that number is expected to be 23 million, and most of those deaths are preventable. I hope this film will help to change those statistics moving forward.”

The Resilient Heart is now available on Amazon prime video.

tff17 bobbi jene FM Magazine: Five Fresh Films From Female Directors at Tribeca Film Festival


Bobbi Jene –Directed by Elvira Lind, Bobbi Jene won three Tribeca Film Festival Juried prizes for Best Documentary Feature, Best Editing, and Best Cinematography – for a total of $25,000 in prize winnings.

The film depicts an intimate portrait of American-born Bobbi Jene Smith, a ballet dancer at an Israeli company, and her struggles in the midst of life-altering decisions that mirror those of many contemporary women navigating through professional and personal choices.

Ms. Lind, herself a busy modern working woman, couldn’t retrieve her prizes in person having recently given birth to her newest family member.

tff17 the divine order FM Magazine: Five Fresh Films From Female Directors at Tribeca Film Festival


The Divine Order –Written and directed by Petra Volpe, this film whose name denotes what Swiss leaders provided as the reason to deny women the right to vote until 1970, tells the story of a housewife turned suffragette leader who rallies everyday people to stand up for their right to vote and be heard.

The Divine Order won the Tribeca Film Festival Nora Ephron prize for best International Narrative Feature, which included a $25,000 monetary reward.

“We never realized how timely it would become when we made it,” said Volpe as she accepted her award.  “We have to continue to fight for female democracy and equality.”

So many passionate and wise words were spoken both off and on screen at the Tribeca Film Festival.  As Nadja Alexander so eloquently proclaimed from the stage as she picked up her award for Best Actress in the U.S. narrative, Blame:  “We need more women and we need them to be seen!”  And heard…


–Deb Gordon/FM Magazine


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