#OnTheList with Xtine: A Fan’s Dream Setlist for O.A.R. at Fresh Holiday Jam

#OnTheList with Xtine is a weekly feature from Fresh 102.7’s Christine Richie that will be highlighting all things music and more, from her favorite emerging artists, top female vocalists, and much, much more!


Fresh Holiday Jam is coming up soon and of course I’m very excited! Most nights you can find me at concerts. There’s nothing like hearing music live. I always dedicate an On The List to the artists playing leading up to the show, but I decided to kick it out to the fans once again. I mean, what do they love just as much as listening to or going to see their favorite artist? Telling you why they love them. I think it’s interesting to hear why people gravitate towards certain artists. Sometimes, their reasons aren’t the same as yours and it gives you a different perspective. Also, some of them are better at putting it into words than I am. That’s why I’ve asked fans of our Fresh Holiday Jam lineup to write about their favorite and give me their dream setlist.

I was doing a little creeping on Twitter when I found Carly DiCocco; she runs the @OARtweets Twitter account. If you love a band enough to make a Twitter account about them, you get an email from me.


A few years ago I started an O.A.R. fan Twitter because I wanted an outlet to post their lyrics. It’s since then turned into a platform for live tweeting setlists, sharing news about merch or new shows, and finding fellow fans.

To be a fan of a band that’s been touring for 20 years is truly something special. My first time seeing them was in 2008 and I was a casual fan for a few years. Since then, I’ve seen them fifty times and have five more shows planned for 2016. Having a steep show count isn’t unusual for their fans, which is something that makes being a part of this fan base so great.

One of my favorite things about this band is the ability of their music to bring all sorts of different people together. When you’re in that crowd, you’re all one in the same. I’ve found that you can show up to any show by yourself, in any state, and know someone there thanks to this “OAR Family” we’ve grown into over the years. To be in the front row with a group of people as passionate about music as you are makes every show unforgettable. I never thought that music would allow me to travel and meet people from all over the country, and even make a few friends from Norway. As Marc Roberge says, “Something always comes from the music.”

Touring nearly year round for two decades hasn’t impacted their ability to completely “wow” the audience every concert. O.A.R. is a band that really performs on stage, rather than just going through the motions as some bands do. It’s easy to see that they’re genuinely having fun with one another and that energy is effortlessly translated to the crowd. It’s that energy and atmosphere that contribute to making each show different. I’ve seen them four nights in a row and found myself having just as much fun the fourth night as I did the first. I know that this band and their songs have different meanings for everyone, so I’m just really happy to be a face in the crowd.

Here’s my audacious dream O.A.R. setlist.


  • “Give Me Something”
  • “King of the Thing”
  • “This Town”
  • “Ladanday”
  • “Gotta Be Wrong Sometimes”
  • “Can’t Take It With You”
  • “So Moved On”
  • “Someone in the Road “
  • “Whose Chariot?”
  • “Are You For Real?”
  • “The Stranger”
  • “Dakota”
  • “What Is Mine”
  • “Taking on the World Today”
  • “I Feel Home”
  • “Dareh Meyod” (Pawn Shop tag)
  • “I Go Through”
  • “About an Hour Ago”


  • “Love Is Worth The Fall”
  • “Only Wanna Love You”
  • “Over and Over”
  • “Peace”
  • “That Was a Crazy Game of Poker” (No Woman No Cry tag)


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