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It’s been three long years since being treated to new music from our favorite crooner — but Michael Bublé is officially back in action with his latest release, Nobody But Me. Michael explained to Karen Carson  during his latest visit just what it was that kept him away all this time and what he’d like you, the fans, to take away from the effort.

“I really feel so strongly that this is such an intimate and personal record that I just want people to go and just give it a chance… go to YouTube if you want, it costs nothing.”

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It was a focus on this intimacy and authenticity that Michael was shooting for while recording Nobody But Me.

“When I say ‘intimacy’, that’s really important for me to have more of a personal take on ‘the standards,’ Michael told Karen.

“I wanted to have the authenticity that my idols had when I listen to their records. So, for those of you people sitting right now listening whether it’s at home or in the car or at work — I never wanted to turn a 180 away from all of you beautiful people that loved the standards – the great American songbook – I just wanted them to be better. I wanted them to be more authentic, to be recorded in a more authentic way and I wanted the truth to come out.

“For example, for a song like “God Only Knows” it was very simple,” says Michael. “I shut the lights off in the studio and I took my phone and took a picture of my two boys and I sang to them. And it was honest, and it was genuine. And that’s what I owed the people out there, was the truth.”

And then for the songs that I wrote,” Michael explains, “they’re great, just really catchy, fun pop songs. I have a duet with Meghan Trainor that [One Direction’s] Harry Styles and Meghan wrote.”

And it’s that beautiful duet with Meghan on “Someday” that struck a nerve for Karen, and Michael explains how the collaboration came about.

“I was sitting at Max Martin’s studio in Los Angeles,” Michael says, “and one of his producers, Johann Karlsson is friends with her manager and he said ‘is it OK if I play you this song?’ and I said ‘sure, of course’ — and I knew. I heard her and Harry do it with a little ukulele, it was a really simple demo. But I know enough about music and I have enough of a gut feeling about songs.”

Michael recently performed at fellow crooner Tony Bennett‘s 90th birthday party, which we will be seeing on TV sometime this December. Michael remembers the event vividly.

“That man is 90 years old. He got on stage and he was so present, he was so terrifyingly unbelievable,” Michael remembers. “I was sitting next to Kevin Spacey — and both of us are huge fans of this genre of music, Kevin’s a great singer — and we sat there when Tony came out and both of us just looked at each other and went ‘OH MY GOD!’ Listen there’s a reason Tony Bennett is Tony Bennett — he’s a master. He is the Apollo Creed of crooning! I can’t wait until his 200th birthday special!”

Lady Gaga was also on hand at the birthday bash and Michael says he’s a big fan of ‘Mother Monster’ as well.

“I had a really weird and cool experience with her that night,” Michael says about Lady Gaga. “I had met her before, we had done something for the Queen of England… and you’re not yourself when you meet the Queen… there’s etiquette involved. It wasn’t the most natural place to say [to Gaga] ‘Hey, how you doin’ dude?!?’

“But that night at the Bennett event we really got a chance to talk and, I don’t know what else to say, I guess I got to meet the real person, you know? And I really liked her. I liked her warmth, I liked that she was empathetic and she was so sweet. She looked me deep into my eyes and said ‘I just love what you guys do and Tony and I love this music and she said and I hope we can record one day…’  And I looked at her and was like ‘yeah ‘yes and yes!'”

“This woman has consistently sort of had to fight her success. She’s been so successful that people have said ‘oh she’s marketing and ‘she’s wearing a meat dress’ – but when it’s all stripped down… she blew everyone away.”

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Watch the full interview with Michael and Karen above and keep up with all things Bublé on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter! Follow Carson and Cane on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter as well. 

–Joe Cingrana/WNEW


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