John Legend readies for his return with new music with a new album — dubbed Darkness & Light — following the success of 2013’s Love in the Future, which included “All of Me”; Legend’s first #1 single and biggest hit to date. While Darkness & Light doesn’t have a release date (we can expect before 2016 comes to a close), Legend has the album’s lead single — “Love Me Know” — ready to premiere a day before it’s Friday release date on Facebook Live.

Singer John Legend talks with Fresh 102.7's Trey Morgan in the Adorama Live Theater at CBS Radio. (Photo: Joe Cingrana/WNEW)

Singer John Legend talks with Fresh 102.7’s Trey Morgan in the Adorama Live Theater at CBS Radio. (Photo: Joe Cingrana/WNEW)

[PHOTOS] John Legend In Studio with Trey Morgan

Details on Darkness & Light are minimal at best, but during Legend’s visit to the Adorama Live Theatre for Fresh 102.7, he spoke to afternoon drive host Trey Morgan about the circumstances that came together for naming the album.

“Whenever I name an album I’m usually always done with it and I’m thinking about the lyrics of the songs that mean a lot to me,” says Legend. “Darkness and light, as kind of a theme, kept coming up in certain songs. What darkness means to me… there’s uncertainty, there’s trouble, there’s things about this world that, you know, might feel like they’re not right. We see a lot of turmoil in the world. We see people struggling, people fighting. The light is love, it’s music, it’s things that bring us together. And so I wanted to think about what it means to find that light in the darkness.”

Of course, more than the music influenced Legend’s thought process when naming the album. Plenty of signs arose during that time to signify it was the right choice for an album title.

“We had our daughter, her name is Luna, which is literally meaning ‘moon,’ which is the light in the darkness and then the first song that played when she was delivered was Curtis Mayfield’s song ‘Superfly’ and the first lyric of the song is ‘darkness and night with the moon shining bright,'” recalls Legend.

Relayed: John Legend Releases New Single ‘Love Me Now’

“I felt like it was all meant to be,” continued Legend, adding, “It’s all this accidental subtext that came together at the same time and I was like, ‘that’s definitely the title.'”

“Love Me Know” — the lead single from John Legend’s forthcoming album Darkness & Light — will be released tomorrow, but not before a special premiere performance on Facebook Live at 10:30PM EST. You can watch Trey’s full interview with Legend — which includes discussing Twitter, Colin Kaepernick’s peaceful protest, and more — above.

–E.J. Judge/WNEW


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