Gaga's glam influences runneth over on "Just Another Day."

By Hayden Wright

Lady Gaga has previewed another song from her forthcoming album Joanne: “Just Another Day” and discussed the glam influences that helped give the track flair.

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“It’s probably the most New York-glam-pop song on the album,” she told Ryan Seacrest. “It’s the one that heirs from [David] Bowie and Marc Bolan [of T. Rex] and then maybe from some obscure London metal stuff, the Beatles. It also kind of airs from the electroclash movement from New York and that’s kind of when I started coming up, was right after that.”

The yearning lyrics hearken back to classic Gaga like “Speechless” and “You and I”: “Just another way to prove I love you and it’s hard today/ I’ll lay back in my chair and find a way.”


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