By Christine Richie

#OnTheList with Xtine is a weekly feature from Fresh 102.7’s Christine Richie that will be highlighting all things music and more, from her favorite emerging artists, top female vocalists, and much, much more!


Fresh Fall Fest is just days away and I’m very excited, as usual. It’s completely sold out and I’m counting on the audience to be electric. Leading up to our concerts I usually do a pre-game #OnTheList for you; just a little something to get you ready for the show. But I decided to do something different this time. The fans are the ones who bought all the tickets, so I figured why not let them take over. I wanted to know why they were so passionate about their favorites. Here is my first “fan edition” #OnTheList.

First up is Barbara — whose twitter handle is @SelfieRyanNow — who told me she’d be just the person to talk about OneRepublic.

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I am honored that Christine Richie asked me to put down in words why I love OneRepublic. What is there not to love?

For me there are 5 reasons why I love them… Ryan Tedder, lead singer and musical genius, Brent Kutzle, one of the most amazing cellists and bassists, Drew Brown and Zach Filkins, two of the best guitarists in music, and last but not least the heartbeat of OneRepublic, drummer Eddie Fisher, aka “the King of Drums”. They are 5 of the most talented, passionate, bunch of guys around, but also the most down to earth. Never too busy to interact with fans. Being a OneRepublic fan means that you’re part of a family.

OneRepublic represents everything that’s great in music. They captivate and uplift us with their songs. There is so much negativity in the world and in music today, that it’s refreshing to have a band that has a positive outlook on the good things that are happening in our lives. We can identify experiences that have happened to us in their songs.
And as one of the greatest live bands of our time I’m excited to see them once again at the Fresh Fall Fest Concert!

I was also asked to write what my dream set list would be. This is a very difficult task because every OneRepublic song has special meaning to me. I’m sure that the list will change once their 4th album, Oh My My, is released, but this is what it would be as of now, in no particular order:

  • Waking Up
  • What you Wanted
  • Say
  • Wherever I Go
  • Secrets
  • Kids
  • Counting Stars
  • Love Runs Out
  • I Lived
  • The Future Looks Good
  • Burning Bridges
  • Let’s Hurt Tonight
  • All Fall Down
  • All Right the Moves
  • It’s a Shame
  • Marchin’ On
  • If I Lose Myself


Next up are Andreina and Pam. They run which they started to bring all the news about Phillips‘ music to fans around the world.


I have loved Phillip Phillips since day one, when I saw him on that famous American Idol audition. My brother and I were watching and recording the show and were just blown away. We were so impressed we immediately rewound the clip and watched the audition again. All these years later, Phillip continues to surprise me with his music. I love that his musical choices are not obvious, that the melodies and chord progressions he gravitates to are usually darker and moodier that you’d expect. He’s also not afraid to go places in his lyrics that reveal his vulnerability, his fears, or his doubts. I think that’s why so many people can identify with his songs and be moved by them; I always am. I really love that his music is ambitious and often intricate, but never pretentious. Invariably, Phillip’s songs lead to a better place.

I also love and admire Phillip’s work ethic, integrity and humility. I think he is such a good example of somebody who doesn’t take anything for granted, somebody who will always work hard no matter what. These two things together – the type of ambitious music he makes, and his humble approach to life, make his shows the ultimate live experience: superb musicianship in the service of raw emotions, passion, vulnerability. Phillip humbly surrenders himself to the music, and in doing so, helps all of us to fully surrender as well. There is nothing that comes close to that feeling and I’m just thankful to know his music and be his fan.

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From the beginning, what I loved the most was his voice; I can close my eyes to enter the melody and travel far. In addition to his voice, I can see a very special person behind my idol: When I’m happy, the music makes me even happier. When I’m sad, his music can change my feelings, bringing me light and peace. He’s extraordinary, he’s a genuine artist that you don’t see in the industry very often. I think he’s an inspiration for me, for his fans.

  • Hold On (The World from the Side of the Moon)
  • Lead On (Behind the Light)
  • Drive Me (The World from the Side of the Moon)
  • Trigger (Behind the Light)
  • Man on the Moon (The World from the Side of the Moon)
  • Tell Me a Story (The World from the Side of the Moon)
  • A Fool’s Dance (The World from the Side of the Moon)
  • Alive Again (Behind the Light)
  • Magnetic (Unreleased – will be on his 3rd album)
  • Miles (Unreleased – will be on his 3rd album)
  • Don’t Trust Me (Behind the Light)
  • Home (The World from the Side of the Moon)
  • Fly (Behind the Light)

Phillip is also a master at covering other people’s songs, so we would sneak in his cover of Radiohead‘s “Paranoid Android” – it’s just amazing!

Fresh 102.7’s Fresh Fall Fest comes to the Beacon Theatre on October 13th and features OneRepublic, Phillip Phillips, and Mike Posner. For more show and ticket information, go here.

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