"The overall message I was trying to get across is that you don't have to answer to anyone."

By Brian Ives 

One of the new hitmakers to emerge this year is Kiara Saulters, aka Kiiara, who has made a splay with her hit “Gold,” from her EP Low Kii Savage.

And when we say “new” hitmakers, we really mean new: this summer, she played her first few concerts ever. In fact, when she played Lollapalooza, it was her sixth show. But “Gold” was already a big enough hit that the audience was singing along.

“Going from being in the studio when we recorded it, and now seeing people singing along, it’s really trippy,” Kiiara marvels. Even more trippy is the fact that she wasn’t impressed by the song when she wrote it: “It was just another song that I wrote. I scrapped it, I thought nothing of it. I move on very quickly. It’s wild that people like that song.”

“The overall message I was trying to get across is that you don’t have to answer to anyone,” she says, explaining the lyrics. “Like, you don’t owe anyone anything. That’s how I was raised. If someone asks you something, you don’t have to answer them.”

She notes that “Gold” was inspired by a specific event: “I was at a dinner party thing and I was leaving and I said ‘bye’ to everyone else, and not this one person. And then when I went to leave, and they were like, ‘You’re going to leave without saying ‘bye?” And I either thought, or I said, ‘Yeah.’ That’s where it came from. I was writing one day, I was just learning to write – this was three years ago – so it just fell out of my mouth.”

While she knows that she has to perform that song now that it’s a hit, she’s more enthusiastic about the music she’s written since then. “I want to perform the new stuff. It’s dope: I’m glad that I have a song like that, that people will want to hear for years.”

Kiiara kicks off a tour in November; check out her tour dates at Eventful.

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