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The Adorama Live Theatre was packed for Fresh 102.7’s latest Up Close & Personal event featuring Bastille on September 9th. Before taking the StubHub stage for a performance, the band sat down with Carson & Cane for an interview to promote their new album, Wild World.

The interview quickly went off the rails and most of the discussion had nothing to do with Wild World — released on September 9th and available to purchase and stream, featuring the single “Good Grief” — but we did learn a lot about the members of Bastille, which is nice because, despite some fame and acclaim, we realized Dan Smith, Kyle Simmons, Will Farquarson, and Chris “Woody” Wood are just like us.


Stupid Injuries


Remember that time Chad (or someone you know just like Chad) thought it would be funny to skateboard off the diving board and into the pool, but instead he slipped and broke his collarbone?

What a dope!

But hey, that’s life. We do silly things and sometimes we get banged up. That’s exactly what happened to Kyle and why he has a bionic arm (that will be completely healed in several months, we assume).

“I had an arm wrestle with a good friend of mine,” says Simmons with a laugh. “She decided to use two hands and just hang off my arm off the table — she’s part of my management team — and it kind of went *pop*… but now I’m half robot. I’m basically going to slowly build myself back up in metal then go back and fight her.”


Ditching Work

grinvalds for Thinkstock

grinvalds for Thinkstock

There are sick days and then there are “sick days”; those times when you’re not feeling work on a Thursday and rather do absolutely anything else. Even if you love your job, you occasionally need a break from the grind. For Woody, football (soccer to you silly Americans) is the best reason to ditch work.

While shooting the cover for NME, Woody escaped to watch England in the 2016 UEFA European Championship this past Summer. Specifically, when England beat Wales 2-1 on June 16th.

“England beat Wales 2-1 on a last minute Daniel Sturridge winner; pure beauty,” Woody excitedly says before Will adds, “Did I leave as well? I was very much pretending to like football so I could leave because I do not like football.”

We feel you, Woody. We feel you, Will.


Roommate Drama

CamiloTorres for Thinkstock

CamiloTorres for Thinkstock

Roommates: they save you money on cost of living, sometimes at the price of your sanity! Is a few hundred dollars (or more!) worth the mess, stink, and missing silverware you might encounter with a bad roommate? Unfortunately, it is for many of us. Just ask Dan about his toothbrush drama.

“When I was at University, I lived with three friends, much like now,” he says. “One of my roommates — the guy who was, like, a bit weird; we were all friends with him but he was a bit weird — a couple of years ago just says, ‘I used your toothbrush for two years.'”

“That’s really gross,” continues Dan, adding, “I must have changed my toothbrush loads over the course of two years, so he must have been really attentive.”

Same, Dan. Same.


Self-Deprecating Humor

Bastille perform on the StubHub Stage in the Adorama Live Theatre for Fresh Up Close & Personal in New York City on September 9, 2016 (Photo: Fresh 102.7)

Bastille perform on the StubHub Stage in the Adorama Live Theatre for Fresh Up Close & Personal in New York City on September 9, 2016 (Photo: Fresh 102.7)

There’s something endearing about people who can laugh at themselves or take their faults in stride. That self-deprecating humor is fairly common in England and we think it’s fantastic. Here’s Dan’s exchange with Karen while discussing the time they heard “Pompeii” on the road in Los Angeles.

Dan: “We had the day off so we hired a car and went for a bit of a drive, and it was when ‘Pompeii’ was on the radio and — it’s quite embarrassing hearing you own music — I remember changing the station and it would be on the next one and then the next one…”

Karen: “You tried to make the song go away?”

Dan: “Yeah, of course. I assumed everyone in the world wanted that song to go away!”


Watch Carson & Cane’s full interview with Bastille below and pick up or stream their sophomore album Wild World, out now.


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  1. Liva says:

    You got their names wrong – Chris and Woody are the same person, the one who said ‘did I leave as well?’ was Will

    1. Joey says:

      Thank you Liva. We’ve updated! ❤

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