Debbie called in and told us about this issue she has with her dad, Walt. He got hurt a few months back and moved in with her and her husband while he recovered. That’s great and all, but Walt’s been having his lady friend over all the time.

She wants to know why her dad’s acting like a fraternity kid with a live-in girlfriend in her house! She said she even found a little blue pill laying around, which one can only assume is a ale enhancement supplement….

Walt seems like the NICEST man alive when we give him a call. This is gonna be hard– and kinda awkward. We asked him how his new friend, Jean’s doing. He says she’s great! She’s someone who can care about him in a way he misses! (So adorbs!)

Debbie, on the other hand was slightly grossed out. We think it might be bacuse she hears her father doing the dirty sometimes…AHHHHHHH. She just wants her own privacy– PLUS she says Jean’s in the kitchen in the morning making coffee and let’s just say her robe should be a BIT more snug….

Walt just needs to take the party somewhere else, like Jean’s place. He says he can try to work something out.

Listen in and find out why WE LOVE WALT!!


–Alyssa Clarkin/Carson and Cane


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