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Deb Gordon’s guest was Buxton Midyette, Vice President of Marketing at Supima, the legendary brand for American made pima cotton, known for being among the finest around.

Supima supports emerging talent and will hold its 9th annual Supima Design Competition, where six deserving design students will each creatively use the fabric in a unique capsule collection to be presented on the runway at Skylight Clarkson Square on September 8, 2016 during New York Fashion Week.

“We provide them with Supima fabrics – shirting, twill, denim, jersey and corduroy – and then we challenge them to make evening wear… that aren’t like anything you’ll see on the runway,” said Midyette.

“This shows that these fabrics really have incredible range, and you can use them in so many different ways”.

Actress, model and former Miss Universe Olivia Culpo returns as this year’s celebrity host, and renowned fashion designer Bibhu Mohabpatra returns as mentor to the finalists.  TV personality Alicia Quarles will be among the notable judges from the media and fashion sphere.

In addition to the exposure and honor given to all finalists, Supima will award the winning designer a $10,000 cash prize.

“It’s really about giving back to the industry and supporting the design schools that are so important to providing that next generation of talent for the American fashion industry,” said Midyette.

The design students competing for the coveted Supima prize are: Duston Jasso, Fashion Institute of Design; Jiyeon Lee, Fashion Institute of Technology; Kara Michelle Kroeger, Kent State U.; Jacqueline Zeyi Chen, Parsons School of Design; Jacob Blau, Rhode Island School of Design; and Jeffrey Taylor, Savannah College of Art & Design.

View a sampling of each designer’s renderings below.

sketch1 FM Magazine: Supima Design Competition at New York Fashion Week

DESIGNER: Duston Jasso

GENERAL INSPIRATION: Pulling a lot of inspiration from the aging angel statues in cemeteries; as they patina and are aged with moss covering, these colors and textures are particularly inspiring. These statues represent to me, an angel that has fallen to earth.

sketch2 FM Magazine: Supima Design Competition at New York Fashion Week

DESIGNER: Jiyeon Lee

GENERAL INSPIRATION: The “Take Five” is a syncopated jazz music. Syncopation is a
disturbance or interruption of the regular flow of rhythm. This uneven beats give the music a different feel from standard jazz music.

sketch3 FM Magazine: Supima Design Competition at New York Fashion Week

DESIGNER: Kara Kroeger

GENERAL INSPIRATION: This collection is about the juxtaposition of intersecting lines and organic flowers. Each technique used in the collection embodies a form of forced perspective to draw the eye around the garment, and the collection as a whole, and manipulate the viewer to believe there are different tones and depths to each piece that may or may not be there. With the use of origami flowers, geometric lines, and embroidery, this collection will create a cohesive but interesting combination of classic evening wear and modern techniques.

sketch4 FM Magazine: Supima Design Competition at New York Fashion Week

DESIGNER: Jacqueline Chen

GENERAL INSPIRATION: Cold hives is an allergic reaction to coldness and wind. My inspiration came from this allergy that I suffered when I was 11 years old. I want to create a collection of evening wear illustrating the experience, desire and adaptation during those two years. Using hats and concept of protections to create silhouettes combined with textiles inspired by the skin during the reaction.

sketch5 FM Magazine: Supima Design Competition at New York Fashion Week

DESIGNER: Jacob Blau

GENERAL INSPIRATION: “Using the 1950’s teddy girl and the late 20th century UK rave culture as a research point, I see many comparisons between this girl and today’s new cool girl. Using my specialty in MENSWEAR tailoring, my capsule collection will conjure a romantic yet nonchalant vibe of the new commanding woman.”

sketch6 FM Magazine: Supima Design Competition at New York Fashion Week

DESIGNER: Jeffrey Taylor

GENERAL INSPIRATION: My entire collection is about growth. I was intrigued by what it means to be a Tibetan woman and their transformation during their coming of age.

For more information about the Supima Design Competition, visit or connect on social media.

–Deb Gordon/WNEW


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