Today Davis called in and asked us to help him out with a predicament he’s in. He sounded concerned… but once we found out what’s going on, we could not stop laughing.

Davis told us it’s his sister, Kayla’s birthday (woohoo!). She gets a special cheesecake made by her Aunt Debbie every single year — it’s a tradition! This year, Kayla took a vacation with some friends out in the Hamptons, and while she’s been away, her Aunt Debbie dropped off the cake. Davis (and Mom and Dad) could not help themselves and ate her cheesecake.

This sounds so, so pathetic, but when we got Kayla on the phone, we realized that s*** was about to hit the fan!! Davis couldn’t contain his laughter, so we just had to come out and tell her that the cake was gone.

*Insert so many curse words*

We actually felt semi-bad for her because she told us she has nothing else going on in her life right now, and she looks forward to Aunt Debbie’s special cake every single year. Aww, Kayla! Davis just flat out threw their parents under the bus, specifically Mom, who had been a little tipsy when she had the great idea to eat her daughter’s favorite tradition. We left Kayla very upset, and Davis still trying to fight back his laughter.

Is there something that you would get as upset over as Kayla did?


–Alyssa Clarkin/Carson and Cane


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