Today we had Russ call in asking us to help him confront his wife, Gina’s, smoking habits. He says she’s always been a smoker, but recently she’s gotten so much worse, and she STINKS! Russ said Gina’s got some yellowing teeth and fingers (yuck). Even worse, he said the last straw came the other day when their 6 year old walked into the room with a cigarette he found in her purse.

So now it’s up to us to call out Gina on her chain-smoking. So fun.
We call up Gina, and she tells us she just needs an outlet to let some stress out! Life’s hard sometimes! On top of that, she says Russ is addicted to tobacco, too! He uses chew and leaves his gross spit cans ALL OVER THE HOUSE! Come on!!!

Now we have a husband and wife talking crap to each other, and literally sounding like their 6-year-old child.

Russ took it upon himself to make a court ruling (which made life super easy for us). He proposed a 30-day challenge to quit BOTH of their tobacco habits! Go Russ!!

Check out the whole “Couple’s Court” and let us know what YOU think!


–Alyssa Clarkin/Carson and Cane


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