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By Christine Richie

#OnTheList with Xtine is a weekly feature from Fresh 102.7’s Christine Richie that will be highlighting all things music and more, from her favorite emerging artists, top female vocalists, and much, much more!


Fresh in the Park has once again come and gone. If you were able to handle the heat, the show was more than worth the price of admission — FREE — with stellar performances from Stanaj, NEEDTOBREATHE, and Lukas Graham.

Views from around the park at Fresh 102.7's 'Fresh in the Park' 2016 at Eisenhower Park - East Meadow, Long Island - on July 23, 2016. (Photo: Joe Cingrana/CBS Fresh 102.7)

Views from around the park at Fresh 102.7’s ‘Fresh in the Park’ 2016 at Eisenhower Park – East Meadow, Long Island – on July 23, 2016. (Photo: Joe Cingrana/CBS Fresh 102.7)

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Live music is my element and brings immeasurable joy to my life. When I get to be a part of something like this for work, my enjoyment magnifies immensely, especially when I get to share the experience with all of you!

Here are my favorite moments from this year’s Fresh in the Park, which I narrowed down to seven; not an easy task. Be sure to share your favorite moments in the comments below!


Meeting kids who love listening to the radio


When I was a kid, I waited outside a deli for my favorite DJ to come out so I could get his autograph. When I asked he said, “You want my autograph? Why?” I didn’t get it then, but now I do. I feel the same when I get asked to sign something. I’m not famous! I do love having that moment though to talk to someone who listens to me and Fresh and get to know them a bit. I think it’s amazing when I meet kids who are already passionate about music & still listen to the radio!

I know that all my favorite DJs lit a fire in me to be like them some day. I hope by taking a moment to talk with anyone who comes and asks for a picture or autograph that maybe I so the same for them.


Backstage fun with Stanaj


This is going to be a list heavy on Stanaj. I could spend days singing his praises, but I’ll try and keep it short.

If you’ve checked out his videos on Instagram, you know he is very funny and doesn’t take himself too seriously. In a recent video, his Mom said she boiled his jeans so I had to get to the bottom of that. I was also determined to get him to sing to me and mission accomplished! You can see his sense of humor come through.

We also talked about how excited he was about his new songs and how he couldn’t wait to sing them for the first time onstage. I told him how excited I was to hear them. This lead to another cute moment with him. As Stanaj was getting ready to hit the stage, he saw me sitting backstage and sounding panicked yelled, “Aren’t you going to listen to the songs?” Of course I was right behind him heading out because I couldn’t wait to see his performance, which was my next favorite moment.


Stanaj’s FITP performance


One listen and you can’t help but be knocked out by his voice.

I believe has a very bright future. His personality makes you want to be around him and root for him to succeed. He’s also very appreciative for any opportunities he’s given. The ladies are going to love him!


The Stanaj Family


Stanaj performs live at the Harry Chapin Lakeside Theatre at Eisenhower Park in East Meadow, Long Island on Saturday, July 23rd, 2016. (photo: C.Conte/WNEW)

Stanaj performs live at the Harry Chapin Lakeside Theatre at Eisenhower Park in East Meadow, Long Island on Saturday, July 23rd, 2016. (photo: C.Conte/WNEW)

Stanaj has a big family and there were so many of them at Fresh in the Park. I love the start of an artist’s career when things just start happening; it’s not only exciting for them but their family as well, especially since they’ve usually seen them through the struggles and disappointments.

One brother was filming everything he did and they were all celebrating his first performance of his new songs. Fresh was also the first radio station to ever play his song “Romantic.” I don’t mean first in New York, the very first play on the radio. One of Stanaj’s brothers came over to give me a hug at the end of the night and thank me for all Fresh has done for his brother. That took my by surprise but shows me how much this means to all of them. I of course said, “He better not forget us when he becomes a star!” He promised me it wouldn’t happen. We’ll see.


NEEDTOBREATHE covering Ed Sheeran


These guys have always been an amazing live band so I knew they were going to be great, but I had no idea they were going to bust out some Ed Sheeran! I was thrilled when they started playing “Thinking Out Loud.” This is how you know a band is impressive: all the guys working backstage at the show started asking me who they were and commented that the guys in the band were super nice. I can vouch for that!

I got to introduce them and, after their performance, had a moment with Seth from the band backstage. I complimented them on an amazing set and he said, “Thank you for your amazing intro.” A very sweet compliment but more of a great example of how they treat everyone and how thoughtful they are.


Lukas Graham Live


I have been dying to see them live and they did not disappoint! Lukas has an incredible voice! He sounds just like the album live and the band has a blast on stage, which makes for a very fun show. I highly recommend you see them live!


My Dad surprising me


I told him about Fresh in the Park on Father’s Day in passing. It never even crossed my mind that he might want to go. He’s in his 80s, it’s not his kind of music, and knew it was probably going to be very hot. I guess I was wrong because I got a text from him saying, “We’re here and all the young kids are wondering who these old folks are.” I was shocked, but it really touched my heart.

My Dad has always been my biggest fan. Going to my basketball games, grinning ear to ear through all my dance recitals, and always listening to me on the radio. I don’t think he’s ever seen me on stage in front of a crowd, so I was glad he got to have that experience. Of course he left after I was done but sent me a text that said, “You were great kid.” That was a perfect ending to a pretty fantastic night.


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