We help out Jessica with a situation she’s been having with her boyfriend of 6 months, Jordan. They met on Match.com– totally hit it off right off the bat! The thing is, she’s freaking out because her friend saw his Match profile STILL active! Is something up or is he just lazy?

Jess said she’s concerned because he’s SO cute… how could a guy that cute be able to settle down? We had to find out for her.

We called up Jordan, and immediately felt weird. He was a bit freaked out that we were calling him on the radio, so getting him to come out with his feeling towards Jessica was awkward…(i.e: “She’s very nice”)

He tells us he’s not 100% ready to commit to her. He wants to shop around– ohhhh snap.
He claims they’ve had this discussion more than once, Jessica said differently. Not only is he talking to OTHER women, he’s SLEEPING with them, too!! This is NOT okay.

So we’re officially grossed out. He’s a professional d-bag. We had to help out Jessica — this break up had to happen. Minus the fact that Jordan had the balls to ask for his Keurig back, it was a pretty smooth decision to tell him to back the heck off!

–Alyssa Clarkin/Carson and Cane


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