Today we were talking about the things men (or women, but mostly men) should NEVER say to a woman — things that just set a gal off when men open their big mouths without thinking of the consequences.

You know, like “calm down.” Uggggghhhhh! Cane just learned that’s a no-no.

We had a chance to ask superstar singer Alessia Cara about this very topic while she was in the building visiting — on her 20th birthday — which also happened to be the very day she released her new single, “Scars to Your Beautiful”.

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“I think the biggest thing is when guys say, if you’re mad at them or if you’re angry or annoyed, they’ll be like ‘is it your time of the month?’,” says Alessia. “Like no! Maybe you’re just annoying, maybe I’m fine!”

Another one we have all heard (men and women) is the old ‘are you tired?’ routine — it’s basically a roundabout way of saying ‘wow you look terrible’. Alessia and Can both agreed it’s a sure fire way to get five fingers across your face.

Alessia’s new single, “Scars To Your Beautiful” is out now.

–Joe Cingrana/CBS Local


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