Kurt was so excited to bring his new girlfriend over his mom’s house to finally meet her! Dinner went great, in fact– Liz LOVES Sasha.

However, this is ‘Couple’s Court‘ and not everything is that easy! The reason why Kurt called in was because now, Liz has become obsessed with his girl. He says she has literally changed her entire wardrobe and even CUT AND DYED her hair to match Sasha.

Liz gets on the phone and says she LOVES her new look! Kurt jumps in to reiterate that this just is not going to fly any longer– she’s creeping Sasha out! It doesn’t even end there– she got SnapChat and started following Sasha so she could snap some pics every time she’s at a store picking out new outfits to get the officially seal of approval!!

We had to talk Liz into taking it down a few notches. The fact that Sasha doesn’t want to really go over Liz’s house anymore kind of was the final straw for Kurt. Can you blame him, though? She doesn’t want to stare at a version of herself at a dinner table!

We managed to talk Liz into dressing more like herself and not a 20 year old. Kurt suggested wearing layers– and a hat.

Listen in to see if Liz reminds you of any “cool moms” YOU know!

–Alyssa Clarkin/Carson and Cane


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