Today we tried to help out our listener, Annie, who came to us with a problem she has with her mechanic. A few months ago she brought her Toyota Land Cruiser in to Mitch the Mechanic for a simple oil change. She left with a laundry list of things he suggested she get done… about $3,500 worth of work.

Fast forward to recently, when her husband brought in the same car, for the same oil change… the only difference was Mitch praised him on how well his car looked! No need to get ANY work done, tip-top shape, yada yada…

The obvious question here is, was Mitch trying to take advantage of poor Annie because she’s a woman? Her husband didn’t seem to want to get involved (shocker). She wanted to know, so we called him up!

First of all, he sounds huge and Don-like, total mobster. Secondly, he was a d-bag. He knew he could try to weasel some money out of Annie because she was a tiny woman who LOOKED like she had not a clue in the world when it came to cars. The latter fact MAY be true, BUT…come on, Mitch. He really made himself, AND his shop, look pretty bad.

Listen in and let us know what YOU think the verdict should have been!


Did it sound a bit like these listeners?


–Alyssa Clarkin/Carson and Cane


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