Today on “Couple’s Court” we met Laura, who had some pretty juicy gossip regarding her best friend’s boyfriend, Alex. She went to Bar A in Belmar, NJ this past weekend, and she ran into Alex– except he had no idea that she was there…

What’s even CRAZIER is that he either lost his eye-sight for a quick sec, or totally didn’t realize that he was kissing another girl! OOPSIES. Laura realized, though. She got it all captured on her phone, actually. She wanted us to call up good ‘ol Alex and let him know that the jig is UP, dude!

So we call this guy to see if he has anything to say over this little predicament we seem to have on our hands. Alex seems like the typical guy trying to cover something up…saying words like, “crazy” when describing a girl’s thoughts maybe isn’t the greatest angle to go with at this time.

There’s no way Laura “photoshopped” this picture of Alex gettin’ hot and heavy with another girl. Just fess up.
We told them BOTH to go to his girlfriend and tell her everything… that ain’t right, man!

Listen in to the whole argument and let us know what YOU think…have you ever caught your friend’s significant other with someone else?

–Alyssa Clarkin/Carson and Cane


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