Christine gave us a call this morning to help her out with her boyfriend. After dealing with a long-distance relationship, he decided to move across the country from Cali over here to NY for her! This should be exciting, right?? Well, Christine’s not too happy…

She tells us that her guy likes to just “pop-in” to her apartment whenever he wants. Now, many girls usually want a boy who wants to constantly see her and has a key to their home, but Christine has been living alone for years! She’s an only child, and she likes her space. Not only that, she’s exhausted from always getting herself ready for a possible pop-in, with her hair and makeup done, apartment all clean and spotless, and just typical things you want your boyfriend to see. She doesn’t want him to stop in seeing her in sweats and 3 day unwashed hair, KFC chicken boxes sprawled over the floor from her Netflix binge the night before….

So we called NAME. He seems sweet, but really he needs to start calling before he comes over! What if it’s a bad time?? Christine just wants privacy.

NAME is pissed because he just moved across the country to make this work. Understandable for sure, but even so– give her the heads up, man!

We started to get a feeling that Christine was not about this life. The long distance thing was probably the only thing holding them together, and now that he’s ALWAYS around, she’s over it.

Was this another break-up? Check out our verdict for today’s “Couple’s Court”!

–Alyssa Clarkin/Carson and Cane


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