Today on Couple’s Court we kinda fell in love with Beverley, even though her neighbor, Julie was calling us to call her out! Julie’s pissed that Bev keeps cutting her roses off of her Rose bush in the backyard. She actually COUNTS the amount of flowers that bloom… really???

So we call Beverly to see what all the fuss is about with these roses. She tells us that the flowers that she’s cutting are actually on HER side of the fence! That means that they’re fair game. (Mind you, Beverly sounds like a saint…how the hell are we gonna yell at her?) She even goes as far as to tell us that the fact that Julie claims she’s “stealing” these roses is ridiculous! She says to tell Julie to stop letting her dog sh&* on her lawn, because THAT’S what the real issue is! Julie backs up her argument over the dog crap because her dog’s old and can’t walk a foot away to go to the bathroom…

We might be a little biased because Bev is too adorable. Also, Julie sounds lazy. At the end of the day, what matters is that they’re neighbors… they need to get along!

Find out how we tried to fix this one — check out the full Couple’s Court below!

–Alyssa Clarkin/Carson and Cane


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