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Deb Gordon’s guest was renown fine art photographer Gray Malin, who though best known for his aerial shots that gives us a “bird’s eye view” perspective, has released his first book titled ‘Beaches’, which contains iconic imagery of beaches around the world, and offers travel tips.

“It is me, my camera, the pilot, the helicopter, and it is an absolutely exhilarating experience,” said Malin about how he brings his unique vision to life.

“You’re up there and it’s so windy…your leaning out, and you’re communicating with the pilot …you’re mentally zoned in so deeply that you almost forget your life is in danger up a thousand feet in the air. That, in my opinion is what’s so exciting about this book.”

‘Beaches’ took Malin 5 years to create and has, in just 3 weeks, attained the pinnacle of literary success landing on the New York Times best seller list – a notable triumph for a first outing.

“What makes this book great is that it’s at a price point that’s really accessible to a lot of people who haven’t been able to purchase a print of mine,” said Malin. “The book is the dream.”

‘Beaches’ contains photos from 6 continents and 10 countries and includes some of Malin’s most distinctive images, as well as others never before seen, but equally difficult to execute.

“ I’m really proud of the lengths that I went to – physically hanging from helicopters to achieve some of these images, and when people flip through the pages, they’re so pretty, it’s easy to forget what the other side of that experience was like,” said Malin.

Mr. Malin originates from LA, but was recently in New York hosting several book signings and is scheduled to return at the end of June. To learn more about Gray Malin and for more information about the book, visit or @GrayMalin

–Deb Gordon/Fresh 102.7


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