Linda Perry Accuses Lady Gaga of Not Co-Writing “Til It Happens To You”

By Amanda Wicks

Lady Gaga, who just won a Golden Globe for her acting, was also recently nominated for an Academy Award for Best Original Song. The song is “‘Til It Happens To You,” on which she is credited as a co-writer with Diane Warren.

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“Til It Happens To You” appears in the documentary The Hunting Ground and deals with the trauma of sexual assault.

Last night (Jan. 17) on Twitter, songwriter Linda Perry began questioning how much of a role Gaga actually had in the song’s development (via SPIN). Perry explained over a series of tweets that she heard Warren’s demo, which sounded remarkably similar to the version Gaga would go on to record.

Gaga’s version changes the song’s last line to “Till you’re at the end, the end of your rope.” Perry said that wasn’t enough to earn Gaga a co-writing credit, but Warren may have allowed it in order to get the song greater visibility than it would have otherwise received.

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Screen Shot 2016-01-18 at 10.24.41 AM

After receiving pushback from Gaga’s fans, Perry insisted she doesn’t have any beef with Mother Monster. “There’s no bitterness, I’ve stated Gaga killed this song so powerful so blown away by her performance,” she tweeted.

Her full message in a series of tweets, reads (we’ve edited it slightly for readability),

“Normally I wouldn’t respond to all this but I don’t know Im feeling spunky. There was another artist that originally was gonna sing #TIHTY. I have Diane’s original demo with her singing. The only line that has been changed ‘Till you’re at the end, the end of your rope.’ Originally was ‘TIL YOU GOT A HOLE RIPPED IN YOUR SOUL’. So I guess technically one line was changed so sure Gaga possibly ‘rewrote’ a line. But chances are Diane still took part in rewriting that line which means Gaga contributed a few words. Is that writing? Not in my book. I love Gaga so much respect and love this song that has nothing to do with anything. Why did Gaga get credit? Maybe because Diane wanted to ensure her support in promoting the song. Gaga is a very smart business women she knew a song written by Diane Warren would be up for an Oscar. And you know it’s hard getting music out there and heard. Especially a song from a documentary , so Diane knew if she gave Gaga writing credit it would ensure the support this song needed and deserved. And Gaga knows her power. I’m not putting anyone or anything down. I’m stating the truth . I credit Diane for writing this song, it is her experience her pain her words. That’s it kids. Good night! What good is twitter if you can’t ruffle some feathers once in a while. #truth.”

“Listen, one of you Gaga kids got upset when I said Diane wrote a great song. You can’t win on Twitter. I’m stating why I didn’t include [Gaga’s name]. There’s no bitterness, I’ve stated Gaga killed this song so powerful so blown away by her performance. Don’t turn things negative. I’m stating my truth that’s it if you don’t like it, it’s ok just don’t spend anytime here. Breathe everything is ok! Interesting what we react to. We could learn a lot about ourselves by just observing our reaction to things.”

Neither Lady Gaga or Diane Warren have responded at press time.

Perry has previously ruffled industry (and fan) feathers by suggesting that Beyonce doesn’t write her own songs. Perry is the former front woman of ’90s group 4 Non Blondes, but has gone on to become a very successful songwriter, penning hits for Christina Aguiliera and Pink, among others.


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