By Christine Richie

#OnTheList with Xtine is a weekly feature from Fresh 102.7’s Christine Richie that will be highlighting all things music and more, from her favorite emerging artists, top female vocalists, and much, much more!


The 2015 edition of Fresh 102.7’s Fresh Holiday Jam has come, gone, and left us with a ton of great memories. With stellar performances from Fall Out Boy, Sara Bareilles, Elle King, George Ezra, and LOLO, along with numerous moments backstage, there is plenty we won’t soon forget.

As for me, there are certain moments from Fresh Holiday Jam that stand out for me. Check them out and let me know what your top moments were. Miss the show or wish to relive it? Look at our show rundown HERE, with tons of performance photos, videos, and the best moments captured by fans in attendance at the Beacon Theatre!


George Ezra life advice: “Keep Your Pecker Up”

I headed into this night with one mission and it was to get George Ezra to say, “Keep Your Pecker Up.”

There’s a funny story behind this…

When George Ezra first came to the states, he used an expression that is common in the UK: “Keep Your Pecker Up.” Of course, the person he said it to was quick to let him know that it means something very different here. Ezra had no idea because in the UK it means, “Keep Your Chin Up,” but obviously thought it was very funny that he so innocently said something very dirty. Ever since then it became a running joke for him.

Considering I have a sense of humor that’s on the level of a 15-year-old boy, I had to get him to say it for me. That’s why this was my favorite moment of the night. I was also really looking forward to meeting him because I’m such a fan of his music. He did not disappoint! He was such a good sport and couldn’t have been sweeter.


George Ezra performing “Barcelona”

I had seen George once before, so I knew that he was going to sound great live. That deep, smooth, sexy voice just makes me melt. I was very happy he played “Barcelona” because that is one of my favorites from his album, Wanted on Voyage.


Hanging backstage with Elle King

elleking fhj2015 0079 #OnTheList with Xtine: 9 Amazing Moments from Fresh Holiday Jam 2015

(Photo: E.J. Judge / CBS Local)

I asked if I could introduce Elle because I think she is one of the coolest artists I’ve met. I interviewed her back in April, but had no idea if she would remember me.

As soon as she saw me backstage she said, “Hey how are you?” and gave me a big hug. We talked about touring with James Bay and all of the crazy things that have been happening for her. We took some posed photos and I hated them all, so she grabbed the phone, me, and we took a bunch of selfies together. This photo is one of my favorites from the show. She’s a lot of fun to be around.


Elle King’s performance

elleking fhj2015 0023 #OnTheList with Xtine: 9 Amazing Moments from Fresh Holiday Jam 2015

(Photo: E.J. Judge / CBS Local)

I’m happy for all of Elle King’s success because she really is very talented and just loves music so much. She’s got a bluesy, gritty, rock sound and she is a power house on stage.

I also love her message of loving yourself no matter what size or shape and if anyone doesn’t like it, F ’em. Even though I’ve played “Ex’s and Oh’s” many times on Fresh, it was fantastic to finally hear it live. Elle rocked!


Talking to Sara Barielles


(Photo: Joe Cingrana/CBS Local)

I was very much looking forward to talking to Sara for 2 reasons; I’ve only heard wonderful things about her and I just read her book, Sounds Like Me and I wanted to tell her how much I loved it. Turns out, she is a lovely person. I also definitely recommend her book. She’s very honest and if you struggle with low self esteem or self doubt, you’ll feel better knowing she has gone through all the same things.


Sara Bareilles performing “You’ve Got a Friend”

I couldn’t believe after all my years in radio that I’d never seen Sara perform, so I was very excited to finally experience what so many people have been raving about. I was truly blown away by her talent. She sounded phenomenal and is really great at interacting with the crowd.

I was thrilled when she started to play “You’ve Got a Friend” because it’s one of my all time favorite songs. Sara was trying it on the audience because she was getting ready to perform it at the Kennedy Center Honors this week.


Sara Bareilles performing “Brave”

I was really impressed when she sang “Brave” because in her book she talked about how this song was too high for her to sing live. It caused her a great deal of panic, but she worked with a vocal coach to help figure it out. Whatever she did worked because she had no trouble hitting those high notes and her voice sounded flawless to me.


Discovering a great new artist: LOLO

lolo fhj2015 0110 #OnTheList with Xtine: 9 Amazing Moments from Fresh Holiday Jam 2015

(Photo: E.J. Judge / CBS Local)

A lot of times with these shows we get the opportunity to add and up and coming artist to open the show. I’m usually hearing these artists for the first time and I love when they just knock me out.

That was the case with LOLO. She’s an explosive mix of rock, soul, blues, grit, and raw talent. She reminds me a little of Elle King and Janis Joplin. She feels what she’s singing and she’s got a big, powerful voice.

LOLO has lived in New York for ten years, so was super excited to play such an iconic venue. Because she was the opener, the Beacon Theatre wasn’t full yet, but she performed like it was a sold out show. I believe we witnessed a star in the making and I can’t wait to watch her soar. I immediately went home and downloaded her EP Comeback Queen. LOLO is definitely an aritst to watch. She was also a sweetheart.


Being onstage at the Beacon Theatre


(Photo: E.J. Judge / CBS Local)

I’ve said it before: my dream has always been to be a rock star.

Considering I can’t sing or play an instrument, that’s never going to happen so being onstage at the Beacon Theatre is the closest I get. Nothing beats the feeling of standing on stage and talking to a crowd that is so excited about seeing their favorite artists. I get to stand in the spotlight and pretend for just a moment that all that applause is for me. It’s definitely a rush and a perk of my job that I will never ever take for granted.


All in all Fresh Holiday Jam was one of my favorite shows because all the artists were extremely talented and really nice people. The Beacon Theater is my home away from home and I love that venue so much. It’s beautiful, iconic and sounds amazing. Thanks to all of you who came out, I’d love to hear your favorite moments too. I’ll see you at the next one. Happy Holidays!

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