By E.J. Judge

Adele will release her long-anticipated third studio album, 25, on Friday, November 20. The album’s first single “Hello” made everyone pull out their flip phones and cry, not because it’s 2015 and they still have a flip phone, but Adele just has a way with making water pour from the eyes of anyone within listening distance of her voice.

The waterworks continued today when she released the video for “When We Were Young”; Adele performs live in studio and dammit, it’s just too good.

Watch for yourself.



We know it’s difficult to hide your feelings right now, but it’s perfectly OK. Everyone has been floored by Adele’s freight train of emotion and openly sharing their heartache is healthy.

Of course, real recognizes real.


For some of us, avoiding Adele is the only way to get through the day.


Others decided to wear their heart on their sleeve. Or Tweet.

*(I heard the new Adele)*


No need to be macho. No one wants to slip on tears while running on a treadmill.


Writing such a powerful song is making some wonder if Adele is doing well.


While others decided it was time to bend the knee and praise the QUEEN.


Mom? OK, mom.


Then there was this important PSA.


All hail Adele, Queen of our hearts.





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