Despite leading the Eagles and singing duets with Miranda Lambert and Dolly Parton, Don Henley is just a normal guy.

By Brian Ives 

You can make a strong argument that in 2015, the Eagles are as big an influence on country music as anyone. So it’s not a big stretch that the group’s singer/songwriter/drummer Don Henley would go to Nashville to record much of his new solo album — Cass County — which is his first in fifteen years. The album features a couple of duets with country music legends Merle Haggard and Dolly Parton, and somewhat country stars Martina McBride and Miranda Lambert. (Also guesting on the album: Rolling Stones frontman Mick Jagger.)

In a recent interview with New York radio station WCBS-FM‘s Scott Shannon, Henley discussed his enviable guest list. “Some of these people I knew, Some I didn’t know. But I’ve got a lot of nerve, so I’ll call up anybody. Sometimes I go through my management office, and then it’s one of those ‘My people will call your people’ things.  To my great surprise and delight all of them said ‘Yes,’ I didn’t get a ‘No’ from anybody. I’m a lucky guy.”

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He’s also lucky in that he’s able to perform in stadiums and arenas around the world, but can still live a relatively normal life when he’s not on the road Which is just how he likes it. “I’m not from this over-sharing generation,” he says.  “In the Eagles we kept some sort of a mystique going; if you put it all out there, there isn’t anything to wonder about. I think that’s why we’ve had such longevity, because we haven’t been in the spotlight that much.”

He continues: “I like to have a private life, I think everybody deserves to have a private life. I live a very normal life in Dallas, Texas, I go to the supermarket, I go to the gas station, I get the car washed. I like to push the cart in the supermarket late at night because you haven’t lived until you’ve heard a Muzak version of ‘Desperado’ while you’re staring at the frozen peas.”


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