Ellie Goulding’s ‘Delirium’ Love Songs Inspired by Boyfriend Dougie Poynter & Escaping Destructive Behavior

With the release of Ellie Goulding‘s third studio album less than two months away, press and promotion for Delirium will certainly begin to flood your social feeds.

The album’s lead single, “On My Mind,” was released on September 17th and the accompanying music video has been made available for your viewing today. (SPOILER: she wreaks havoc while riding a horse through a Las Vegas casino.)

Similar to other Goulding hits, the subject matter for “On My Mind” falls into the “love song” category.

“I can’t help it,” says Goulding, pausing to work out a kink in her neck. “I’ve just decided that’s what I want to write about.”

During the three years since the release of Halcyon, Goulding has clearly evolved and grown as a person, with ever-changing interests and concerns for the world around her. While writing material for Delirium, those issues became a more present influence on her.

“In the past couple of years… certain things have started to affect me more. Like, I think I’m finding out more and more things about the world that I don’t agree with and I think [with] social media, you can’t hide from anything and nothing can be hidden from you anymore,” says Goulding. “So, you know, with that in mind I thought, ‘Maybe I’ll start writing a bit more politically and start talking about things being a bit more of a protest.”

But that’s not what this record was for Goulding. Delirium is a step forward for her, a “go big or go home” moment, which is what it was always meant to be. That means dance with the one that brought you.

“I’m still writing bloody love songs,” Goulding says with a smile. “There was definitely a spike in the love songs when I met my boyfriend [Dougie Poynter].”

“The last time was pretty dark, so it’s nice to just have that genuine feeling of like, ‘I feel a lot of joy [and] I want to write about it,'” adds Goulding.

The darkness she speaks of was the result of her destructive behavior and heavy drinking, a coping mechanism for too much fame in too short of time, an all-too-common among young artists and celebrities.

“It was just before ‘Burn’ came out, actually,” recalls Goulding, who up until that point, had not had a #1 record in the UK. “It was all a bit too much for me… there was definitely a time when it all became a bit too much.”

“I was drinking and, just like, being reckless. When I think back to that time now, I’m like, ‘God, I was a bit of a mess,'” says Goulding. “That was a strange time for me.”

Part of the solution for Goulding was fitness. She’s been a passionate runner for years. In support of her Run Into The Light EP, she invited fans to run with her through the cities on her tour and, during Nike’s first ever Women Half Marathon in Washington, D.C. in April 2013, ran the 13.1 miles 1:41:35.

In addition to running, Goulding has added weight training to her routine, cranking up the intensity with boxing and boot camp classes, something she enjoys documenting on Instagram.


So excited to announce that I am the next James Bond x

A post shared by elliegoulding (@elliegoulding) on


Goulding especially loves how trainers perfectly soundtrack workouts with music, even if the playlist includes her ex-boyfriend, Skrillex.

“We’re still really good friends,” Goulding says of Skrillex, laying to rest any speculation that hearing his music would be awkward. “I’m very fond of him… so I do have a moment of, ‘Aw, that’s cool!'”

A happier, more fit Ellie Goulding will release her third studio album, Delirium, on November 6, 2015. Her new single and music video for “On My Mind” are out now.



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