Every once in a while the stars align and one of kind moments happen while on the air. Today was one of them when Nate Ruess came up for an interview with Kim & Cane and mentioned that he had yet to hear his hit song “Nothing Without Love” on the radio.

Of course we pulled him into the studio where he went live on air to intro his own song on my show.


The best part?

I got to see this huge genuine smile while he listened for the first time. I told him how my girls and I sing the song as loud as we can in the car, but no one can hit the notes as high as he could, but we die laughing trying to. With a serious look on his face, Ruess looked up and said, “It’s actually a really difficult song to sing. It’s hard for me to hit those notes as well.”

The boy can hit registers that few male vocalists can reach today, but it was kind of mind blowing to hear him say what I had thought was an easy natural thing for him. While it was fun to jam out together with the song blasting in the studio, it’s a little awkward with a bunch of other people in the room all bopping along, so I told him my favorite lyrics of the song.

“I want to rest in your light…”

Those lyrics mean so much to me; how it perfectly describes what a feeling of being at home in someone’s arms feels like. Or finally finding someone where you can just be yourself with and you know it’s right.

He looked at me with surprise and gratitude and said, “In the past I’ve heard lyrics and said ‘Wow, I wish I wrote those,’ but with those lyrics… I didn’t care if the song was a hit or not, I knew I did it, I found lyrics I can be proud of.”

His honesty just floored me and even though we only spent about 10 minutes with each other, I found out so much more about an incredible artist and very very cool guy. Nate Ruess’s new Album Grand Romantic is out on June 16, 2015 and can be heard on Fresh 102.7.


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