By Shannon Carlin 

David Lee Roth is a true performer who takes the attitude that the show must go on. Even if you might have just broken your nose.

While performing “Panama” with Van Halen on Jimmy Kimmel Live! last night (March 30) Roth managed to smack himself in the face with his mic, leaving his nose a bloody mess.

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But instead of canceling his first television performance since rejoining the band in 2007, Roth pulled a MacGuyver, finding a way to bandage himself up. Sure, he came out a little worse for wear, but he did finish the show.

Walking out in an open denim jacket, chest tattoo for all to see, letting them know he banged his nose on the mic but he was going to “wear the Band-Aid and start the whole thing over.”

That second version of “Panama” featuring Roth with his “new look” was the clip that went to air on Kimmel. And the one you can watch above.

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Check out the original video of the band vamping while Roth repairs his nose below.



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