Reality shows, on the whole, don’t live up to the hype of launching careers. For Lindsey Stirling, her appearance on the fifth season of America’s Got Talent, though she only reached the quarterfinals, was a springboard for her career.

Couple that with her ability to smartly use the promotion and shareability that a medium like YouTube provides, it shouldn’t be a surprise that her work has become so popular; 5,807,185 subscribers and 842,646,724+ views don’t lie.

Stirling’s combination of violin with various music genres, dance, and costuming have paid off; “Shatter Me” has become her first single to receive air play attention, reaching #39 on the Billboard Adult Pop Songs chart. The song features Lzzy Hale of Halestorm on vocals and is accompanied by a pretty bad ass music video.

But Stirling has been making bad ass music videos for a long time. Here are five of them that you will definitely enjoy.

“Dragon Age”

For “Dragon Age,” Stirling appears to be in a Middle Ages/King Aurtur’s Realm type world that’s heavy on the Merlin magic, which we’re totally onboard with. And, as the title suggests, there’s a dragon.

REPEAT: A G-DAMN DRAGON. Sign us up for anything involving a dragon. And to top it off, Stirling keeps the dragon’s fire at bay with a fiery violin bow and some obviously magical notes.

“Roundtable Rival”

What is one thing John Wayne, Clint Eastwood, and Lindsey Stirling have in common?

They all took villainous cowboys out in a shootout. Sure, Wayne and Eastwood used quick reflexes, revolvers, and (fictional) bullets, but Stirling is just as impressive. She hops out from behind the bar to shred on her violin to do the unthinkable: take down a corrupt, six-string plucking cowboy.

Sure, Stirling and her posse takes their fair share of lumps, but no one stands a chance against her and a wagon loaded with amps.


The serene wonderland of ice Stirling occupies in “Crystallize” is more about the performance than the production, but is no less bad ass than the rest of the videos on this list.

Her Dubstep violin original showcases her creative and unique approach to the classic instrument in addition to her spectacular dancing and performance art. Seriously, if most of us tried to bend our bodies the way she does while playing violin, we’d have some seriously bruised butts.

“Radioactive” (Imagine Dragons cover)

With the help of a cappella group Pentatonix, Stirling makes moves into another genre when she covers Las Vegas rock band Imagine Dragons‘ Grammy Award-winning single “Radioactive.”

It’s just like the post-apocalyptic world in The Book of Eli starring Denzel Washington… minus the cannibalistic vagrants.


Stirling encompasses all of the elements – performance based and worldly – in the video of another one of her Dubstep violin original songs, “Elements.”

All of the talents that make Stirling a unique performer – being a masterful violinist and dancer – works perfectly with the elements of fire, water, and wind for one of her most bad ass music videos.

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