By Cane

It does not get much better than this!

Coldplay‘s Chris Martin visited the Fresh studio today for an exclusive interview with Cane and to play acoustic set (including hits “A Sky Full of Stars” and “Viva La Vida”) for a few lucky fans.

These fans also attended Chris’ performance at a secret location Wednesday night. This show was the longest set Chris has performed solo, playing for a solid 45 minutes.

Being a member of one of the largest bands in the world, Chris Martin is still one of the most humble guys in the music scene. He attributes it to his appreciation for success and his dedicated band members.

“I think as time goes on you appreciate it more and more and more… I don’t take it for granted, it’s like it could disappear at any moment for so many different reasons,” Chris said. “The fact that we’re the same group of people in the band means it’s very hard for one of us to lose the plot too much.”

Coldplay”s latest album, Ghost Stories, was released earlier this year. However, Chris hinted that Coldplay is not stopping there and has already begun thinking about their next project.

“We knew we wanted to make this thing called Ghost Stories and then make something else,” Chris said. “We have just an idea and then we’re gonna go on tour after that.”

As a popular songwriter, Chris has joined many well-known artists in the recording studio, including Rihanna. Coldplay and Rihanna collaborated on the song “Princess of China,” but Chris hopes to collaborate with her again on songs for both of their albums in the future.

“I love being in the studio with Rihanna,” Chris said. “She has so many amazing people writing for her it’s like trying to win American Idol. Getting a song on Rihanna’s album… it’s hard. Everybody wants to write songs for her.”

[Chris Martin Interview + Performance Photos]

Not only is Chris Martin a huge fan of Rihanna, but also one of his favorite genres of music is one you would never expect from the rock star. He spilled to us that he loves to listen to EDM (Electronic Dance Music).

“I love that kind of music,” Chris said. “The ‘E’ can stand for emotional… that’s how I think of it… if something moves you it doesn’t matter who it is.”

~ E.J. Judge, Leah Cunningham for CBS Local

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