By Cane

Known as the lead singer of Steel Train and lead guitarist of the band fun., New Jersey native Jack Antonoff took on a side project this year, with the formation of his band Bleachers. To break out into the music scene, Bleachers released their first single “I Wanna Get Better” in February of this year.

Jack began to work on Bleachers while on tour with fun., so he had work extra hard to keep the project under wraps. He joined Fresh 102.7’s Kim and Cane in the studio to discuss how his new project was difficult, yet important, to keep as a secret from the public in an age where information is quickly spread through social media.

“They always knew it was only secret out of necessity, like I never wanted it to be a big secret,” Jack said. “But it had to be because we live in a funny world where, you know, the way things are changed with the internet and sometimes people focus on everything but the music.”

Being as genuine as they come, Jack expressed that he wanted his project to be all about the music.

“I just wanted to lead with music so, because the music answers all the questions,” Jack said. “I wanted music first, but I couldn’t release any music until I finished the album because I didn’t know what to release first without hearing the whole body of work, so it turned into a giant secret.”

For some fun, Kim and Cane challenged Jack to a game of “VIP or Bleachers,” to see Jack’s views on certain celebrities (Spoiler alert: he is a Miley fan!). Check out how the game played out in the video below.

Jack Antonoff plays ‘VIP Or Bleachers’ with Kim and Cane:

FYI: Jack has also co-written songs with both of our Fresh In The Park performers Christina Perri (“I Don’t Wanna Break”) and Tegan and Sara (“How Come You Don’t Want Me?”).

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Watch Bleachers’ Video for “I Wanna Get Better” Below:

Keep up with Jack & Bleachers:

–Joe Cingrana & Leah Cunningham/Fresh 102.7

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